A downloadable game for Windows

A single screen arcade platformer, inspired by stuff like Bubble Bobble, aiming for the screen resolution of the older Sega Computers with their 16 color pallete, 8x8 tiles and sprites.

(Press F1 for options, ESC for fullscreen)

It's a small project with references and jokes from the joffice discord community.

Made with Pixel Game Maker MV, without writting a single line of code ("See, anyone can do this ;] ")
Musical content by Korp from DoomWorld and sound effects from Kenney Game Assets and Wingless Seraph(YouFulca), licensed as Creative Commons.

(changes in 1.1: it's shorter and easier, given feedback from community)
(changes in 1.2: some bugfixes, intro screen with better instructions)


JofficeDiscordGameJam1.2.zip 44 MB

Install instructions

To run the game, unzip it into a folder of your preference and double click the player.exe file.

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